The first self portrait from my Panorama365 project. 

Being a photographer is a dream come true and I have met so many amazing people because of it.  I am very inspired by those who are adding something positive to the world, with integrity and purpose, and having lots a fun along the way.  Makers, artists, and musicians abound in Austin so I feel very fortunate to live in such a great city.  The possibilities are endless and I am lucky to have the freedom to pursue my passion and explore capturing images in many different ways with many different types of people. I am incredibly thankful for my life. 

My interest in photography began in High School when I saw the first image I captured that gave me an excited feeling full of wonder and awe at the beauty of the world. I could capture that beauty and even create something new.  It was magical.

Moving forward 20+ years, I'm still at it.  My longest and most consistent job as a photographer has been for Johnson's Backyard Garden, a very ambitious organic farm that feeds thousands.  By visiting the farm every week I am able to provide them with an array of images, showing all aspects of their operation, which they use on their website, blog, and social media.  Working on the farm has also given me access to a lot of the raw material for my series of organic abstracts.  This series follows my original exploration into color abstract photography called Otherworld.  The subject matter of that series was primarily man made materials whereas the newer series is exclusively plants, water, and soil.  Both series are inspired by a desire to pay close attention to the details of every scene I encounter for hidden, unnoticed, and often beautiful macro compositions. Many of these images are now being licensed to Metropolitan Gallery, an art consultant that places work all over the country. I'm very lucky to have someone out there selling my work!

More recently I started working for Steelhouse MFG, a local residential and commercial steel fabricator. They discovered the images I create for the farm and proposed that I also work for them on a weekly basis, providing them with a constant stream of content for use on their website, social media, and promotion of new products.

Some other work of note is my Panorama365 project, where I made a new panorama everyday for eight months straight. That effort allowed me to eventually capture many interesting and unique environmental portraits of people who create, along with many scenes and landscapes from around the city and beyond. What came out of the project was a focus and interest in continuing to create portraits of artists and makers.

Going forward I see myself traveling more and spending a lot more time outdoors. I'd like to visit farms around the US and the world, camp in national and state parks, and continue to develop the kinds of skills that lead to a more self reliant/sufficient life. I'm interested in bartering my skills and living lean with minimal possessions. Eventually I would like some land where I can build a homestead and a healthy, regenerative life. Thanks for your time and all the best to you.